As professional home installers, we can cover as little or as much as you want. From simply mounting your flat panel TV on the wall, to a comprehensive whole house install including flat panel TV’s, home cinema, multi room music and digital lighting controls.

We can perform;

• Home consultation service to determine the correct TV for you based on your requirements

• Supply and installation of;

• Flat panels TV’s (LCD, LED, Plasma)

• Home cinema

• Multi room music

• Digital lighting control


• Door entry systems

• Home intruder alarms 

Sound and Vision are experts when it comes to the installation of Plasma and LCD TV’s. We are fully insured and guarantee that your pride and joy will not only look superb but will last the test of time. Flat panel TV’s are designed to be hung on walls and at Sound and Vision we can install flat panel TV’s on most wall types around the house, from solid brick walls to timber frame houses with hollow stud walls. If you want we can hide the wires giving your room a nice clean look which isn’t cluttered with unsightly cables. By removing your TV from the corner of your room and hanging the flat panel TV on the wall you will gain a large section of floor space so you can arrange your room the way you want it. Prices vary depending on the type of wall and the level of finish you choose. As each customers needs are individual we will discuss your requirements before quoting for the work.

The difficulty that faces most people who want to buy any sort of entertainment technology is that they don’t know where to start. Apart from enthusiasts, few people have any knowledge of the subject and most are terrified of wasting their money.  That’s where we come in – to offer advice and guidance so you get the best system for your budget

We can provide a multi-room installation where each room can have its own speakers and screen, but independently of each other. This means that Dad can watch the TV in the Living Room, Mum can listen to her CD’s in the Kitchen and the kids can have their iPod on in the playroom

With carefully chosen light fittings and lamp sources a multi-channel lighting scheme can enable the mood and function of a space to be changed, highlighting features and creating pockets and pools of light. Scene control dimming allows these new moods to be re-called at the touch of a button and with the possibility of multi-way control, hand-held remotes and integration with security and audio visual systems a home moves to a new level of sophistication.


We offer a choice of 3 installation packages:


Bronze package

Wall hang flat panel TV and use white trunking to hide cables from view, such as mains, aerial, scart and HDMI leads. This is a simple, affordable and effective way of getting the TV on the wall and hiding your cables.


Silver package

Wall hang flat panel TV and hide all cables inside walls and ceiling voids. Electronics can be positioned or hidden away practically anywhere. we have installed systems in peoples cupboards, sideboards, understairs cupboards, garages, kitchen units etc. Any holes created will require the customer to fill and make good. Minimal holes will be created with ‘dot & dab’ and stud walls, but solid brick and plaster walls will require chasing out. The customer is responsible for decorating afterwards


Gold package

As Silver installation, but we will fill and make good all holes created by us in the installation process. The customer is responsible for decorating afterwards