Sound and Vision excel in designing and installing sound systems for schools, NHS, retirement homes, churches, sports complexes, retail, dance studios, restaurants, business, and industry.


Services include: systems integration, design service, installation and training. We also provide projection equipment and lighting systems. 


Public Address or ‘Tannoy’ systems are recognised as highly effective and low cost methods of communicating information to a large area or group of individuals quickly. With systems ranging from simple microphone and speaker arrangements to multi-zoned sound systems there are many ways we can develop solutions to meet all requirements.


An interactive whiteboard or IWB is a large interactive display that combines the simplicity of a whiteboard, power of a computer and front projection. Interactive whiteboards engage students with vivid images, video and audio. Interactive whiteboard products have revolutionised the way people learn. Innovative and easy to use, our products make classrooms, meeting rooms and workspaces interactive and collaborative. The system enables anything that can be seen or done on a computer screen to be projected onto an interactive whiteboard bringing every classroom to life. 


We offer a range of interactive whiteboard solutions that can meet the needs of every classroom.


Protect your property with a professional CCTV and door entry security system from Sound and Vision.


We are on hand to provide you with the complete surveillance system service, including consultation, installation and maintenance. We will give you informed advice based on your security needs and work with you to ensure that your system is implemented swiftly and successfully. Whether you are looking to install an extensive Business CCTV system or are considering more covert Domestic CCTV equipment, we can help, we put the security of your property first. We will work with you to ensure that you benefit from the very best surveillance system, matching your requirements whilst fitting in with your budget. Sound and Vision are here to provide you with effective CCTV security systems, so to find out more about our products and services please contact us.


Each customer has their own unique set of challenges whether it's budget, time or even visual constraints. We will find a working solution to any situation.